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Mindfulness: An Intimate Journey

A 2-Day, Non-Residential *IN PERSON* 

Insight Meditation Retreat

with Howard Cohn








April 22nd & 23rd, 2023

9am - 5pm Sat/8:30am - 3pm Sun

Hospice of the Valley Dementia Care & Education Campus

3811 N. 44th St, Phoenix

   Retreat Registration:

Early Rate: $60 through March 31st (extended thru Apr 12th!)

$75 April 1st - April 19th

$80 at the door


Registration fee pays for retreat costs only

there will be an opportunity to offer Dana* to Howie at the Retreat

No one turned away for lack of funds​:

If you would like to attend the retreat and require scholarship funds please contact us

*All retreat fees go toward facility rental, teacher travel, accommodations and other retreat expenses, Howie is not paid from these funds) Howie offers the teachings in the Theravada Buddhist Tradition of generosity or 'Dana', and is reliant on the offering of Dana to support his continued teaching. 


The offering of Dana has been practiced since the time of the Buddha, and is intended to open the heart and generate good-will as well as create a interconnected web of giving and receiving as the teachings are offered and received and support is offered and received. Dana should never be considered as a 'tip'.  Opportunity will be provided to offer Dana to Howie during the retreat. The cost of the retreat is kept at the lowest possible rate that enables our basic expenses to be covered and does not represent the 'value' of the retreat, but rather our hope to make the teachings available to all who are interested, regardless of ability to pay.


Please take the time to read more about the tradition of 'Dana' - in the link above - 

to support our  teachers and continue this beautiful practice in the Theravada tradition

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Retreat Description: 


Mindfulness: An Intimate Journey


Join this 2 day nonresidential retreat opportunity for a deep dive into the experience and principles of mindfulness meditation. We will explore the potential of mindfulness as a keen and kind observing power, helping us to move beyond just thinking to a more intimate and direct moment to moment experience. Any experience can be a source of insight. Direct experience makes possible a more profound understanding of ourselves and our world, which frees us from common misunderstandings. With more clarity we can move through the world with more wisdom and compassion. Suitable for all levels of experience.


About the Teacher:

Howard Cohn is a founding teacher of Spirit Rock Meditation Center in the San Francisco Bay area. He has guided a local sitting group in San Francisco, been in private practice as a psychotherapist and led Vipassana retreats worldwide since 1985. He incorporates the influences of Theravada, Zen, Tibetan Dzogchen and Advaita Vedanta in his teaching, with an emphasis on reawakening our intrinsic freedom. Among his many teachers and mentors are Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein, U Pandita Sayadaw, Tulku Urgyen Rimpoche, Tsoknyi Rimpoche, and the Advaita Vedanta Master H.W.L. Poonja. 


                Howie's book: Invitation to Meditation: How to Find Peace Wherever You Are


Information with information about what to expect for those new to practice or retreat practice, will be sent out to all registered participants 24-48 hours before the event.  However, as this is a non-residential retreat, the information necessary for participation includes the dates, location and times on this page. Please plan to arrive at least 15-20 minutes early to check in and get settled. 


Suggestions for your comfort during the retreat: Plan to wear comfortable clothing and easily removable shoes, bring a hat and sunglasses if you would like to do walking meditation in the courtyard & bring a sack lunch both days so that you will be able to stay on campus throughout each day. Leave devices such as phones, ipads or laptops at home; we will ask that any devices be switched off in our retreat space throughout the day. Refrain from wearing any perfumes or strongly scented products, including natural oils, etc. You are welcome to bring a snack (fruit, cookies, etc) to share. Tea, Coffee, ice water and snacks will be provided and available throughout the retreat. 


Howie is additionally offering a Public Talk on Friday evening, April 21st at 7-9pm at the SCUCC church

You can separately register for the Friday event for free on Eventbrite

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